Is your Company Prepared for a Disaster?

They’re out there and they may be legion. We’re referring to threats to your business operations. But, rest assured, your company can protect itself with the right plan in place.


Over the past several weeks, the news has been bombarded with details of the latest malware outbreak and the numerous organizations it effected. The names are big. Companies with large IT departments and large IT budgets. How in the world can we prepare and protect ourselves against these types of attacks?


Change. We hear about it in the business world all the time. There are whole sections of business books dedicated to change. How to force it, how to lead a change organization, how we must change or die. I’m a change guy. I love it. I even get antsy if things stay the same for a while. My belief is this Read more about Change…[…]


The Changing Face of IT

There is a dynamic shift going on in the technology realm that is a bit different than what has happened in the past. The change is significant and every small to medium sized business should be paying attention.