June 23, 2016


Move your IT infrastructure to our secure, fiber-connected data center and give employees access to their desktop from any device, anywhere, any time.


Your employees’ computers are the foundation of your business. Are you confident they’ll all be 100% operational tomorrow?

What if you could:

  • Increase the useful life of your computer hardware by 3-5 years (and lower capital costs)
  • Work faster with shared company data
  • Scale workstations and storage effortlessly when staffing up or down
  • Enjoy automated and redundant offsite backup
  • Roll out software updates company-wide automatically and invisibly
  • Stop worrying about client data on lost or stolen computers
  • Eliminate viruses and malware within seconds, before they can spread
  • Allow your employees to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Recover from disasters quickly and easily
  • Open branch offices or acquire new firms without worrying about IT implications
  • Have access to a dedicated support team every step of the way
  • Be confident in the security of your employee and client data


At Anderson ZurMuehlen, we wanted all of this for ourselves, so we built two state-of-the-art data centers to make it possible. Now, every employee’s company computer is really a virtual machine living on lightning-fast solidstate drives and accessible from anywhere (desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones).

Our CPAs and other staff couldn’t be happier. If something goes wrong with their physical computer they can be up and running on a replacement within minutes, they will have access to the software they know and need, and they can work from home without compromising their workflow.

The best part? You’re not farming this out to some giant cloud company that doesn’t know how your business works.

And when you sign up with AZTS Desktop-as-a-Service, you get more than software: you get a dedicated consultant and team that understands your specific firm, builds custom solutions, and helps improve your IT solutions stack over time.

Click here for FAQ’s about DaaS.

For more information, please contact Pat Sassano at 406.442.1040 or azts@azworld.com.