October 5, 2017

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® Hosting

PwrCloud for Quickbooks® Hosting Provider 

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® provides you with a full version of QuickBooks® in a secure, powerful, fully supported environment. PwrCloud for Quickbooks® allows business owners, CPA’s, and accountants to access their accounting files from anywhere using any device, with full functionality and high performance. 

Most hosted solutions provide QuickBooks® applications through a “server farm” that shares its resources across all its users.  The technology behind the PwrCloud for Quickbooks® experience is unique – PwrCloud provides an independent and fully functional virtual desktop to each subscriber. What does this mean? No matter how many users are logged into the system, you get the same consistent experience every time, no matter what device you access the system from. 

Security with PwrCloud for Quickbooks® is a Top Priority 

With the need to protect our sensitive information growing every day, PwrCloud for Quickbooks® provides subscribers with a level of security that is normally only achieved by large businesses with large IT budgets. Our system was built with our subscribers’ security needs in mind. Gain peace of mind knowing that your critical accounting files are protected and backed up in our robust and redundant virtual infrastructure. The PwrCloud for Quickbooks® data center is located in a secure location with 24 hour armed guards and fully redundant access to the internet along with a secondary site for disaster recovery purposes and redundancy. 

Go Further With PwrCloud for Quickbooks®  

Working from home, a hotel, a client’s location, or other remote locations has traditionally been fraught with challenges.  Slow connections, difficult access to the applications you need, waiting for backup QuickBooks® files to load, and carrying around usb drives is a struggle.  

With PwrCloud for Quickbooks® you can walk away from your office and resume that same virtual desktop at any other location with all your programs still open. All of your files and applications are just the way they were in the office. PwrCloud for Quickbooks® truly provides the platform to work wherever life takes you with full features and a high performance experience.  

Collaborating with your Accountant is Easy 

With PwrCloud for Quickbooks®, you no longer need to export data to usb drives, or spend time trying to email those huge QuickBooks® backup files. With a simple click you can log off your system and give access to your accountant to log on and review your QuickBooks® or make changes. 

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