Power in Partnership: Personalizing Technology

Anderson-ZurMuehlen Technology Services and Florence Crittenton Partner to Bring IT Excellence to Human Services Work

Florence Crittenton is proud to announce its partnership with Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS) as we continue to strive for excellence for our clients, donors, and contracting agencies. FCHS began working with AZTS after learning about their new product, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) at the MNA Conference this past fall. After working together to determine the needs and best solutions for FCHS, AZTS offered a partnership opportunity that will allow FCHS to move to the next level of technology while managing IT costs.

In an interview with AZTS Senior Manager, Pat Sassano, we asked why this was an important partnership for AZ. Mr. Sassano cited AZ’s long-standing commitment to non-profit organizations across Montana, highlighting the company’s belief in the significant value these organizations provide to the communities AZ serves. AZTS liked the idea of being able to work with a longstanding non-profit organization to prove that the partnership between the two entities could be both cost-effective for the non-profit and profitable for AZTS. “We believe DaaS is the perfect solution to deliver an affordable, yet very powerful technology to FCHS, enabling them to focus on helping families thrive.”

Technology Services is a new venture for AZ, the well-known accounting firm across Montana. When asked why tech services from an accounting firm, Mr. Sassano said it was a natural fit given the level of technology and security of the accounting industry. AZTS began implementing DaaS with their own accounting business in 2013 and provides the service to organizations throughout Montana and the United States. Mr. Sassano says that IT built for business, by a business is one of AZTS’s greatest attributes.

The need for high quality IT services and equipment continues to rise for human service agencies, as the need to protect privacy, increasing security risks, and the ability to move with mobile technology continues to grow. Working with AZTS has been a great fit for addressing these needs at Florence Crittenton. Barb Burton, Executive Director says “It has been a wonderful experience working with the team at AZTS. The passion their staff brings to their job is incredible. It is another great example of the long-standing partnership between AZTS and Florence Crittenton.”

The above article is an excerpt from Florence Crittenton’s Spring 2017 Newsletter. To read the full newsletter click here!