Voice Recognition Turns Up the Volume

By Hank Galligan and Mark Giamo The voice recognition market will be worth $18 billion by 2023, according to Markets and Markets. What’s driving its explosive growth? There are many reasons, but among the most prominent is a growing desire for the personalized, convenient services that voice recognition products can offer. The devices and applications Read more about Voice Recognition Turns Up the Volume[…]

What CEOs Should Know & Do About CyberSecurity

By: Gregory A. Garrett During the past few months we have spoken with hundreds of companies Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from numerous U.S. and global industries, including financial services, healthcare, government contracting, automotive, manufacturing, private equity, and law firms, about the importance of cybersecurity. From these conversations, we’ve concluded that the three most frequently asked Read more about What CEOs Should Know & Do About CyberSecurity[…]