How to Submit a Ticket to the AZTS Help Desk

Support Hours

Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services representatives monitor the infrastructure 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and provide infrastructure support.  Desktop support is available during regular business hours, 7AM-9PM MST, Monday through Friday, which may be limited on Holidays.

Support Level

Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services provides Infrastructure level support and virtual desktop support under this Service Level Agreement (SLA). Examples of items not covered under the SLA are:

  • Maintaining and supporting technology equipment in your office location.
  • Password management.
  • Contacting your vendors for any multifunction printing, phone issues etc.
  • Additional software applications installed after delivery.

Incident Definitions Severity Levels:

a) A “Low” severity incident is a question or enhancement request, or a non-critical system issue, impaired but functional. These issues typically affect one end-user, or a group of users, and not the entire user-base.

b) A “High” severity incident is a critical system event potentially resulting in completely down or severely impaired functionality with no immediate workaround or a Non-Critical full system outage.

Support Response Time

Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services will respond to all trouble incidents submitted via the Support System from customers within four (4) hours for a Low Severity Incident and within one (1) hour for High Severity Incidents within the Support Hours.

Submit a Ticket

First, as a best practice, if you are experiencing issues with your virtual machine, shut down or restart your machine.

If you are still having issues, you may email, use online support, or call the AZTS Help Desk.


  1. Email
  2. The subject line should be something that briefly describes the problem or question.
  3. In the body of the email give more description of what your issue is and what steps you have taken. Optionally you can copy or insert a screenshot of an image.
  • Send your email. You will receive email confirmation once your ticket is assigned to one of our technicians. They will contact you to further solve the issue.


You may call the AZTS Help Desk at 833-447-3045. If our technicians are not available or on another call, please leave a detailed voice message stating your name, organization, phone number, and description of the issue you are having.


  • Open a web browser and go to  
  • Log in to the AZTS Customer Portal. If you do not know your password, you can reset it by clicking the link on the login screen.
  • Click Create Ticket in the upper right corner.
  • Select they type of service needed, and enter a title and description. Optionally you can attach a screenshot or document. When you create a new ticket, your name, address and email will automatically populate on the ticket.
  • After completing the required fields and clicking Submit, you will receive email confirmation once your ticket is assigned to one of our technicians. They will contact you to further solve the issue. The ticket will also be updated in the portal.

Manage your Tickets Online

To see all your open or closed tickets, click on the Tickets tab.

On the left side you can use the search by section to find a particular ticket or all open or closed tickets. On the right you’ll see your search results.

You’ll also have a Summary View and a List View available. A Summary View will provide you with more details about the item, while the List View condenses the details into one row.

Click on the Summary link to review the details or add information.