At Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services, we are different.

We understand the service we provide to our clients really boils down to one thing: relationships. Being there for our clients for the long haul and sharing in their successes and their challenges. Understanding them. Founded in 1957, Anderson ZurMuehlen has leveraged technology to provide outstanding service to our clients for 60 years. We believe our success if firmly rooted in two things: great technology and relationships. Unlike a typical IT solution provider we select our clients because we want to partner with them.


PwrCloud: House your IT infrastructure in our secure, fiber-connected data center and give your team the freedom to access their personal desktop from any device, anywhere, any time. Work confidently knowing that you are supported by top-of-the-line cybersecurity, automatic backups, and a dedicated IT team all while better predicting and managing your IT costs.

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® Hosting: PwrCloud for QuickBooks® provides you with a full desktop version of QuickBooks® in a secure, powerful, fully supported environment. PwrCloud for QuickBooks® allows nonprofit business owners, staff, and accountants to access their accounting files from anywhere using any device, with full functionality and high performance.

Cyber Security:  It’s not about if; it’s about when. The threats to our information are expanding daily. IT Security from Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services is a combination of services our consultants can provide ensuring that networks are secure to limit damage, data or monetary losses, ensure compliance with applicable regulations and help protect business reputations.

Business Intelligence: At Anderson ZurMuehlen we are big on data. That is why we offer business intelligence consulting expertise, planning and implementation of custom dashboards and reports.

Getting Started:  

MNA members receive a complimentary 1-hour IT consultation from Anderson ZurMuehlen.

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