10 Simple Tips to Better Cyber Security

IT Security is a growing area of concern for many businesses. Regardless of where your organization is at the process, here’s 10 simple tips towards reducing your risk.

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  1. Protect Network Security and Information – Protect your network from attacks by installing end point protection with content filtering at the perimeter of your network.
  2. Train Your Employees – Establish basic cyber security principles and educate your employees on security best practices. Be sure to include acceptable use of company equipment and proper internet browsing behavior.
  3. Data Back-ups – Implement regular back-ups of important business data and information. Store back-ups off site in the cloud and regularly test your data back-ups.
  4. Update and Maintain Networks – Download and install software updates and patches for your operating systems and applications to ensure the secure configuration of all your systems.
  5. Secure Your Networks – Secure your WiFi network and make sure it is hidden. Use and regularly update antivirus and anti-spyware software on all devices.
  6. User Management – Protect your networks from internal threats by setting up password-protected individual user accounts for each employee. Limit the use of portable storage devices, employee access to data, and authority to install software.
  7. Risk and Disaster Management – Establish a robust incident response and DR plan. Test and review the plan on a regular basis.
  8. Secure Mobile Working – Develop a mobile device plan and install encryption and mobile device management software on all mobile devices to protect data in transit from theft or external breaches.
  9. Proactive Monitoring – Constant monitoring of your networks allows your organization to spot unusual activity and apply the necessary protections to stop any data breaches or disruptions to your business.
  10. Understand your Digital Footprint – If you’d like to implement an IT Security solution, it’s important to understand where you are currently at. At AZTS our security experts can conduct a high level security assessment and recommend a strategy custom to your organization to support your cyber-security goals.

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