Introducing PwrCloud for QuickBooks

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At Anderson ZurMuehlen, we’re always looking forward. We know that our clients need the ability to be mobile, have access to the programs they need, and scale up as fast as their business grows. More importantly, our clients need to be close to their customers to meet the growing demands of a real-time market.

Our technology division, Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services is excited to announce that we are now offering a hosted QuickBooks solution to our clients. Our PwrCloud for QuickBooks® service offers secure and reliable access to a full desktop version of QuickBooks in a fully supported cloud environment. PwrCloud for QuickBooks® allows business owners, CPA’s, and accountants to access their accounting files from anywhere using any device, with full functionality and high performance.

The Difference.

How are we different? Unlike most hosted solutions which provide QuickBooks applications through a “server farm” which results in shared resources across all users, the technology behind PwrCloud for QuickBooks® provides an independent and fully functional virtual desktop to each subscriber. What does this mean? Regardless of the number of users logged into our system, your user experience is consistent from any device you access the system from, including Macs, PCs, tablets, or even your phone.


Security is a top priority for us. With the need to protect sensitive information growing every day, providing our clients with a level of security normally only achievable by large businesses and IT budgets was a key goal of our platform. With PwrCloud for QuickBooks®, critical accounting files are protected and backed up in a fully secure, robust and redundant virtual infrastructure housed in a 24/7 physically secured data center with nightly backups to a secondary location.

For our existing Anderson ZurMuehlen clients, collaborating with your accountant has never been easier. With PwrCloud for QuickBooks®, the days of exporting data to usb drives and emailing large backup files are gone. With a simple click of a button your accountant can access your files to review and make changes.

The Details

So, what do you get? Each PwrCloud virtual machine comes with 10 GB of storage, nightly backups, universal printer support, and standard software like a pdf reader and web browser. Best of all you have full access to our support team via email, web, or phone to help you with any questions you may have!

Don’t let ordinary technology hold you back! If you are looking for a total IT solution for your organization, we can also help. For more information, click here, or send us an email at

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