It’s Time for Nonprofits to Embrace the Cloud

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In general, many nonprofits have yet to move to the cloud, possibly because their staff is smaller, their IT expertise is limited, and the cloud seems expensive. Most nonprofits are aware that cloud computing is easy to adopt. But what many businesses don’t know is that cloud computing actually promises lower technology costs and greater efficiency and productivity.

Remote control

Cloud computing uses a network of remote third-party servers made available online. AZTS takes cloud computer one step further and provides every user with a full virtual desktop, with dedicated resources for each computer. Rather than relying on your organization’s own computers or server, you remotely access software and storage to process, manage and share information.

One of the biggest benefits is the scalability of cloud services. You can scale up when you need more storage or data capacity and scale back when you need less. Also, because cloud services aren’t limited to a physical location and can be accessed from anywhere, they make it easy for colleagues, board members and volunteers to collaborate on projects.

For many nonprofits, the greatest advantage of using cloud services is lower costs. The technology generally eliminates housing your own expensive hardware and servers. Instead, cloud customers pay a monthly subscription fee. What’s more, service providers update their offerings and provide security patches on an ongoing basis.

Rest assured

Most reputable services boast stronger security, including firewalls, authorization restrictions and data encryption, than your own nonprofit could afford to put in place on its own. And cloud services typically offer continuous data backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Vendor options

You’ll want to look for a service that:

  • Frequently updates features,
  • Immediately responds to security threats,
  • Protects the privacy of your data, and
  • Backs up data in multiple locations.

Get satisfaction

Before leaping into the cloud, be sure to research your options and get recommendations from IT experts. We’d love to help! Contact us at to learn more about what we offer and what’s best for your organization.

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