January 14, 2019

Information Security Program

Learning how you would react in a simulated security vulnerability event can help you in the future.

Do you know how your employees would respond to a phishing attack? Your end users may be aware that you have a security policy, but they might not know what to do when they’re attacked.

A solid security awareness program is an essential piece of any IT Security strategy. Protect your company by proactively learning about malicious targets and receiving simulated email campaigns to all your end users. The AZTS Security team mimics real-life attacks with simulated emails that teach your users how to spot a scam.

  • Receive Monthly or Quarterly educational emails delivered to your users on the latest information on cyber-attacks.
  • Let AZTS do the hard work. Receive random simulated phishing emails to everyone in your organization or specific users.
  • If your users fall for one of our simulated emails they’ll receive more training with educational landing pages and emails.
  • Cyber attackers are constantly evolving, and we are too. Our security awareness training covers all relevant issues facing organizations today.
  • Measure your organization’s compliance state with visible reports on-demand.

A truly successful security awareness program combines up to date training with phishing testing. Empower your employees’ behavior and enable them to recognize and report threats.

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