April 16, 2020

IT Security Consultants

You don’t have to be an IT Security Expert, we’ve got that covered!

Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services offers tailored solutions to meet your company’s specific information technology needs.


Data breaches don’t only happen to large companies – everyone is at risk. Over 70% of cyber-attacks are on small to mid-size businesses. From ransomware to malware to phishing, vulnerabilities can be hard to catch without trained professionals looking for them.


A risk assessment takes a look into your infrastructure to identify weaknesses, and risks that can exist independently of vulnerabilities. Our experts will provide you with a detailed report, strategies, and suggestions for remediation.


Our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience in internal IT controls, risk management, and forensic accounting. We utilize a COBIT internal control framework to evaluate your company’s IT controls and adds value to your organization.


More and more companies require Information Security for you to do business with them. Compliance regulations change frequently and are becoming more prevalent. Our trained professionals review your network to ensure you stay in compliance and avoid the hefty penalties that can put a dent in your company’s earnings and your reputation.


Your employees are both your biggest security risk and your best line of defense. Providing IT security training for your company’s end-users is one of the best ways to prevent a security breach.


We will work with your business leaders to examine your needs. From there we will guide you through the  development a comprehensive security program that meets your security needs.  This program development can include both technical controls, as well as, policy development.


Our vCISO service helps business develop and implement information security programs that meets your business needs. We will meet with your business leaders and understand your specific needs. From there we will determine Cybersecurity needs and prioritize current IT and security projects to fulfill business objectives. If your business already has a mature cybersecurity program, we can help you execute your cybersecurity vision by filling your top tier position with our highly trained and credentialed staff.


The educated team of professionals at AZTS can help educate, train, and test your end-users. Schedule a free demo of our solution and get a free phishing test of your environment.