January 14, 2019

Network Architecture Review & Design

Man in server room holding laptop

Identify weaknesses, align objectives, and improve security operations

Reviewing how your network is designed is an excellent way to identify potential security risks by identifying known IT security weaknesses.  We can review your structure of the network to identify and address network security deficiencies such as outdated software and potential virus and malware attacks.

Our Network Architecture Review & Design procedures include:

  • Meeting with organizational representatives to understand your objectives
  • Reviewing any existing network architecture documentation
  • Analyze network to identify any network security deficiencies
  • Analyze current standards against relevant industry standards, laws/regulations, and best practices

Depending on organizational objectives, our team of experts will work closely with you to provide guidance on the best way to improve current network architecture.  We will continue to serve as an extension to your team to ensure proper implementation and management of network architecture solutions.



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