PwrCloud for Quickbooks® Hosting Provider 

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® provides you with a full desktop version of QuickBooks® in a secure, powerful, fully supported environment. Business owners, CPA’s, and accountants can access their accounting files from anywhere, with full functionality and high performance.

With our virtualization and remote access your computers live in our high-end data center; secured, maintained and managed by our team of IT experts. You access the system whenever you want, anywhere, from any device.

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Intuit Authorized Standard Host Quickbooks solutions provider

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    PwrCloud for QuickBooks®

    No more exporting data to USB drives or spending time trying to email those huge QuickBooks® backup files. Easily allow your accountant or bookkeeper access to your system, securely and efficiently. They can do what you need them to do in the same secure and high-performance system!

    Ease of Mind

    No need to worry about data loss!  Your critical accounting files are protected and backed up in our robust and redundant data centers.

    Your Data is Secure

    Your data is secured in the cloud, not at your office! Work efficiently and effectively from anywhere with an internet connection.  Use any device, any time.

    Fully Managed by IT Professionals

    We offer our clients a fully managed and maintained IT infrastructure which lets you work in a high-speed environment without ever having to purchase or maintain servers, expensive networking equipment and backup systems.

    A Top to Bottom IT Solution

    AZTS provides an IT solution that is supported from top to bottom by our team of support professionals. We’ll work with QuickBooks® support for you, taking the burden off your staff.

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    Access Everything, Anytime.

    Cloud hosting takes all the computer hardware and software sitting in your office and moves the data to the “cloud”, allowing it to be accessed with an internet connection. With your data in the cloud, you don’t have to be in any one physical location to use it or be on any one physical device.

    The advantage to cloud hosting is that it is managed for you. You no longer have to worry about keeping your software up to date, viruses that may affect your computer, or keeping multiple backups of your data. Everything lives in a secure data center. Additionally, you get high-speed service without taking on the cost of purchasing or maintaining servers, expensive networking equipment, and backup systems.

    The best part about cloud hosting? You can work on your files from anywhere you have an internet connection. No matter what device you use to access the system, you stay productive wherever you are.


    A virtual desktop is a cloud-based computer.  It lives on a server in our data center.  When you log in it’s like getting a brand-new computer, which looks exactly like a windows-based computer with all your applications. Virtual desktops are very powerful, versatile and robust.

    No. PwrCloud hosts the full desktop version of QuickBooks. It’s the same QuickBooks you’re used to; however, it is housed in the cloud, which means you can securely access your QuickBooks files from anywhere!

    PwrCloud supports the most current three years of QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant. PwrCloud supports QuickBooks Point of Sale v18. Older versions that are no longer supported under Intuit’s Service Plan are not available for hosting.

    Absolutely. As long as your version is within Intuit’s Service Plan (past three years supported) you can use your own license that you have already paid for. When it’s time to upgrade, we have discounts under Intuit’s Premier Reseller Program that we can pass on to you. You can buy an entire license up front or lease to own.

    A data center is a secure facility that houses many servers. When you use the Internet, you’re accessing a data center! They can be in any physical location regardless of where you are. Our data centers are located in secure sites with 24-hour armed guards, controlled access, and redundant power and cooling systems.

    It works great! Our on-boarding tech team will work with you to get your local printers and scanners connected.

    You always own your data. You may move a copy of the file to your local computer at any time, making it much easier than QuickBooks® Online!

    We use a combination of backup software, cutting-edge hardware, and replicating data to a redundant location. This allows our support team to easily view and restore data. In addition, we perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups which are stored both onsite at the data center as well as replicated to a secondary data center.

    You can add as many users as you like, as long as you have the proper QuickBooks® licensing. If you need additional licenses, we can provide them at a discounted price.

    Our Help Desk is a team of support professionals that will work with each user to solve questions or problems relating to your virtual computer and software. Our systems are supported by a team of our software, systems, network, and security engineers.

    There are no hidden fees with us! We offer month-to-month contracts. There are no long-term commitments; you can add or subtract users as needed and change or upgrade at any time.

    Authorized hosts, like PwrCloud, are independent hosting companies who have been legally approved by Intuit to host QuickBooks® desktop software for end users. Lawfully, only Intuit Authorized Hosts can offer these services.

    We can! We have CPA’s and Certified QuickBooks® Advisors that can help as little or as much as you need. When you complete the form, let us know what you are looking for and we can get the right person in touch.

    Check out our hosting options online here, or, if you prefer, fill out the short form. We will review and give you a call to discuss the details. Depending on your request, we will gather your software product and license keys and build you a virtual machine. After some testing on our end to make sure everything works to our standards, we will train you on the ins and outs of your new virtual machine. Then you’re up and running!

    QuickBooks Point of Sale works with your cash register and fully integrates with your QuickBooks accounting software so you can manage inventory, ring sales, & see customers all in one place.

    Point of Sale Hosting enables your users to access your data remotely and see updates in real time. Your financial data is secured in our data center.

    Yes, a QuickBooks Desktop license from the past 3 year versions is required. AZTS can get you a license at a discounted price, lease to own the license to you, or you can bring your own license that you have purchased elsewhere.

    *Bring Your Own License version year must be within the past three years per Intuit’s agreement.  


    Virtual Machine Hosting

    Looking for a full virtual environment?  Enjoy the freedom that a virtual environment can give you and your organization.  Click here to learn more.

    Need an Accountant?

    We’ve got you covered, because we’re an accounting firm. As your business and revenue grow, we can help manage your financials – so you can focus on what you do best.