January 25, 2018

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® FAQs

What is a Virtual Desktop? 

A virtual desktop is a cloud based computer. It lives on a server in our data center. It allows you to access your applications anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Is this QuickBooks® Online? 

No. PwrCloud hosts the full desktop version of QuickBooks®. But, you can access your QuickBooks® file from anywhere, since we utilize a virtual desktop!  

How is PwrCloud Different than Other Hosting Companies? 

Most hosted solutions provide QuickBooks® applications through a “server farm” that shares its resources across all its users, but PwrCloud provides an independent and fully functional virtual desktop to each subscriber. So no matter how many users are logged into the system, you get the same consistent experience every time, no matter what device you access the system from. 

What versions of QuickBooks® do you Support? 

Currently PwrCloud supports the past three year versions of QuickBooks® including QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier, and QuickBooks® Enterprise. Older versions that are no longer supported under Intuit’s Service Plan are not available for hosting. 

Can I use my existing version of QuickBooks®?  

Absolutely! As long as your version is within Intuit’s Service Plan (past three years supported) you can use your own license that you’ve already paid for. When it’s time to upgrade, we have discounts under Intuits Premier Reseller Program that we can pass on to you. You can buy an entire license up front, or pay month-to-month fees. 

 What is a Data Center? 

A data center is a secure facility that houses many servers and virtual computers. When you use the Internet, you’re accessing a data center! They can be in any physical location regardless of where you are. 

How Does this Work with my Printers? 

We will work with you to get your local printers connected. You can print from QuickBooks® on your virtual machine to your local printer at your desk!

What about Backups? 

We use a combination of backup software, cutting edge hardware, and replicating data to a second physical location. This allows our support team to easily view and restore data. In addition, we perform daily, weekly and monthly backups which are stored both onsite at the data center as well as replicated to the secondary data center. 

What is the Help Desk? 

Our Help Desk is a team of support professionals that will work with each user to solve questions or problems relating to your virtual computer and software. Our systems are supported by a team of our software, systems, network, and security engineers. 

What Does it Mean to be an Intuit Authorized Host? 

Authorized Hosts like PwrCloud are independent hosting companies who have been legally approved by Intuit to host QuickBooks® desktop software for end users. Lawfully, only Intuit Authorized Hosts can offer these services.  

I Could Also Use Some Accounting Help. Can you do That? 

Great news, we can handle that! We have accountants that can help as much or as little as you like, just let us know in the form! 

 Ok, Let’s Say I Want PwrCloud for QuickBooks®. What’s Next? 

Just fill out the form! We’ll review and give you a call to discuss the details. Depending on your request we will gather your software product and license keys and build you a virtual machine. We’ll do a little testing to make sure everything works for you, and some training to show you the ins and outs of your new virtual machine.  End users will access their virtual desktops within an icon on their local desktop or through the web from the device of their choice. You’ll always have access to our Help Desk for questions or technical incidents.