PwrCloud was designed by our team of talented engineers who tapped into their extensive experience supporting a professional services company in a complex, high availability environment to completely change the way they approached IT.  The system was designed to be secure, scalable, reliable, and to minimize the need for hands-on technical support.  This allowed our technicians and support staff to focus on improving the user experience instead of the standard break/fix approach to IT.
Built on the latest technology, PwrCloud outperforms traditional cloud-based desktop solutions.  Touting unparalleled portability, PwrCloud enables users to access the system from virtually any internet connected device while maintaining the rich user experience of a traditional client-server system. You are able to access the desktop, applications, and files you know and love with the ease and consistency of working from the office from any device, anywhere and anytime – all you need is an internet connection.

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    Housing your IT infrastructure in our secure fiber-connected data center will give you the confidence of consistency, productivity, and scalability.

    Why PwrCloud?

    PwrCloud puts the power back in your hands.


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    Frustrated by your current IT support?


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    Is dynamic growth forcing your IT solutions to play catch-up?


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    Struggling to fill an IT position or facing the loss of a key IT position?


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    Are you prepared for the cybersecurity threats that exist today?


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    Is your current IT solution behind the times?


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    Do you desire mobility to keep up with today’s changing workforce?

    “It has been a wonderful experience working with the team at AZTS. The passion their staff brings to their job is incredible. It is another great example of the long-standing partnership between AZTS and Florence Crittenton.” – Barb Burton, Florence Crittenton Home and Services

    PwrCloud FAQs

    What is PwrCloud?

    PwrCloud is a subscription service that allows organizations to use a virtual desktop (including servers, data storage, data back-ups, and email solutions) all hosted, secured, and supported in our data center.

    Who Should Use PwrCloud?

    PwrCloud makes sense in the following situations:

    • Replacing desktop computers
    • Upgrading operating systems
    • Mergers and/or acquisitions
    • Organizations utilizing  outsourced IT solutions
    • Organizations with no in-house IT support
    • Organizations with mobile or remote employees
    • Organizations going through a transition, or, losing key IT staff

    What is a Virtual Desktop?

    A virtual desktop is a cloud-based computer. It lives on a server on our data center. It allows you to access our applications anywhere, anytime, on any device.

    What is a Thin Client?

    A thin client is a small, low-cost device which acts as a computer, but does not have a hard drive. It relies on the server to do its work. Its main purpose is to connect to a virtual machine.

    What is a Data Center?

    A data center is a secure facility that houses many servers and virtual computers. When you use the Internet, you’re accessing a data center! They can be in any physical location regardless of where you are.

    What is an Application Server?

    An application server is simply a computer in a network dedicated to running certain software applications. The server has multiple processors, large amounts of RAM, and plenty of hard disk storage. Read: fast and big! An application server lives in a data center.

    Will PwrCloud Help Us Go Paperless?

    Absolutely! With virtual machines, all electronic documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time (home, client site, hotel business center, the car, etc.) This can help organizations change their paper processes. PwrCloud can actually increase the security of documents, which decreases the risk of going paperless.

    What about Backups?

    We use a combination of backup software, cutting edge hardware, and replication data to a second physical location. This allows our support team to easily view and restore data. In addition, we perform daily, weekly and monthly backups which are stored both onsite at the data center as well as replicated to the secondary server.

    What is the Risk of My Data Being Compromised?

    Actually, less than it is currently. Think for a second as to how easy it would be for someone to walk off with a computer housing client information, say in an airport. But wait! If you had a virtual machine residing in a data center there would be no actual data on the hard drive of the computer. Where do you keep your money? In a bank.  Where should you keep your data? In a data center.

    What is the Learning Curve with a Virtual Machine?

    Don’t worry.  It’s a piece of cake! There may be minimal differences with how a user logs in. You will use all the same applications you are accustomed to as before.

    Will PwrCloud Save My Organization Money Compared to Traditional IT Expenses?

    PwrCloud is less expensive, especially over time. There will be an initial setup cost and then monthly fees per user. You never have to replace your hardware, servers, operating systems, etc. again.  You will, however, always be running off the latest equipment! Computer life spans are increased. Want to get five, six-plus years more out of your current desktop computers?  You may be able to with the help of PwrCloud!

    What is the Help Desk?

    Our Help Desk is a team of support professionals that will work with each user to solve questions or problems relating to your virtual computer and software. Our systems are supported by a team of our software, systems, networks, and security engineers.

    How Does it Work for the End User?

    End users will access their virtual desktops within an icon on their local desktop or through the web from the device of their choice, such as laptops or tablets, Mac’s, or even their cell phone! Virtual desktops live in the data center, where our IT team can easily manage and support them.