August 3, 2017

IT Staffing

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Struggling to fill an IT position? Have you experienced a lot of IT turnover?  Are you searching to hire in-house IT staff because contract IT services just fell short? In today’s competitive IT environment, recruiting and keeping great IT talent can be an ongoing challenge. 

An unstable IT environment can be crippling for an organization, holding it back from focusing on its goals and objectives.  Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS) is a unique contract IT service.  Our dedicated team of security, engineering, and support professionals can provide a deep IT bench to your organization. 

With over 60 years’ experience as a professional services firm, AZTS realizes that great technology must be anchored by exceptional customer service.  Our dedicated team has one focus, helping your organization leverage technology to make it a strategic asset instead of a frustration, or worst yet, a roadblock. 

Built around our flagship product, PwrCloud, AZTS will provide your organization with a complete customized IT solution covering CIO services thru desktop support. PwrCloud puts the power back in your hands, so you can concentrate on running your business! 


PwrCloud was designed by our team of talented engineers who tapped into their extensive experience supporting a professional services company in a complex, high availability environment to completely change the way they approached IT.  The system was designed to be secure, scalable, re-liable, and to minimize the need for hands on technical support.  This allowed our technicians and support staff to focus improving the user experience instead of the standard break/fix approach to IT. 

Built on the latest technology, PwrCloud outperforms traditional cloud based desktop solutions.  You are able to access the desktop, applications and files you know and love with the ease and consistency of working from the office from any device, anywhere and anytime – all you need is an internet connection. 

Housed in secure data center, physical security is just the base of PwrCloud secure posture.  The core technology behind PwrCloud, coupled with highly trained security professionals, give your systems the best protection against todays cyber risks. Top it all off with a full support team at your disposal, and you have the makings for great business success at your fingertips! 

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