Moving Your QuickBooks Files to the Cloud

Moving Files As you transition on to PwrCloud for QuickBooks, you will need to move your QuickBooks files. From this point forward use your company file will live in the cloud and you’ll log in to store and work on your QuickBooks. First, backup your QuickBooks file to a location on your computer. Log into Read more about Moving Your QuickBooks Files to the Cloud[…]

Young woman using the cloud to manage quickbooks on her laptop

How to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud

You may have heard the advantages of hosting your QuickBooks files in the cloud; the 24/7 access to your files, the ability to work on your QuickBooks file from anywhere you have an internet connection, and ease of use for multiple users.

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Nonprofits: Getting Started with TechSoup

Did you know that Nonprofits can get software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, and the Google Suite for next to nothing? These software’s and many others are offered to nonprofits at a low fee. TechSoup also provides training webinars, community forums and other resources about the use of technology in nonprofit organizations. Check it out here. Read more about Nonprofits: Getting Started with TechSoup[…]