Moving Your QuickBooks Files to the Cloud

Moving Files As you transition on to PwrCloud for QuickBooks, you will need to move your QuickBooks files. From this point forward use your company file will live in the cloud and you’ll log in to store and work on your QuickBooks. First, backup your QuickBooks file to a location on your computer. Log into Read more about Moving Your QuickBooks Files to the Cloud[…]

CyberSecurity Matters

Investors, lenders and other stakeholders have been vocal in recent years about pushing companies to provide more information in their financial reports about cybersecurity. Could your company do a better job disclosing cyberrisks and recent hacks?  Most public companies could do better, according to recent testimony during congressional hearings by Jay Clayton, Chairman of the Read more about CyberSecurity Matters[…]

a house with wifi on all levels that is cyber secure

Creating a Cyber-Secure Home

Several years ago, creating a cyber-secure home was simple; most homes consisted of nothing more than a wireless network and several computers. Today, technology has become far more complex and is integrated into every part of our lives, from mobile devices and gaming consoles to your home thermostat and your refrigerator. Here are five simple Read more about Creating a Cyber-Secure Home[…]