January 12, 2019

What’s New in QuickBooks 2020?

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 includes a variety of new and improved features to scale with your business. If your organization could improve by implementing any of these features, it’s time to upgrade!

All Versions

  • Schedule Customer Payment Reminders – Schedule the task of reminding customers of open accounts receivable balances. Use email templates, create specific mailing lists, and track reminder emails sent separately.

  • Add Customer PO Numbers to Subject Lines in Emails  –  Facilitate faster payment by the ability to modify the email template for customer invoices to include the Customer’s purchase order number in the subject line.


  • Combine Multiple Invoice Emails for the Same Customer – Simplify payment processing by the customer by consolidating multiple invoice emails into a single email. QuickBooks users no longer need to download individual invoices and then manually attach them to a single email to the customer.

  • Multi Monitor Support – Get work done significantly faster with windows open across multiple monitors.

  • Smart Search – Save time with faster searching. Easily find and open your company files with the addition of a file search option in the No Company Open window. Within QuickBooks begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest. Also you can now search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.


  • Smart Help –  Press F1 for improved content and search experience, or access care agents through messaging and call back options.


  • Reporting – Easily hide or un-hide multiple columns of data in a displayed QuickBooks report with multiple columns.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Enterprise users will find that this year’s release will help them receive inventory and fulfill their customer’s orders faster and with more accuracy.

  • New Inventory Cycle Count– Cycle counting in QuickBooks Enterprise adds additional inventory management efficiencies. Cycle counting is counting a small subset of the inventory products currently in stock, in contrast to a traditional physical inventory count where operations are halted to count all inventory items in stock. Cycle counts are less disruptive to daily operations, providing an ongoing measure of inventory accuracy and can be tailored to the specific high value inventory items.


  • Alternate Vendors – From the Vendor Center view centralized information containing vendor contact and pricing data, helping to make more informed purchase decisions. Easily create purchase orders with vendor information automatically included.

  • Express Pick-Pack – In prior year’s release of the Pick, Pack and Ship sales order fulfillment, each task in Enterprise was done individually. Now, with QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum, the business can choose to complete the Pick and Pack process as a single task.

QuickBooks Mac 2020

  • Improved Company Snapshot – Get more visibility into your business with a centralized dashboard that offers customizable date ranges, layouts, and widgets.

  • Invoice e-Payments –Send customers electronic invoices with online ACH, credit card or e-check payment options with your payments subscription.


  • iPhone Scanner – Upload text searchable images to QuickBooks with your iPhone camera.

  • Mojave Operating System Dark Mode – Compatibility to use the Dark Mode user interface.

If you’d like to upgrade to 2020 click here to get the best price and explore the options.