January 12, 2019

What’s New in QuickBooks 2019?

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 includes a variety of new and improved features to scale with your business. If your organization could improve by implementing any of these features, it’s time to upgrade!

All Versions

  • Searchable Chart of Accounts – Easily find an account or sub-account with an added search bar in the Chart of Accounts. Search by account name or number for your convenience.

  • Track Invoices by Status and History –  2019 gives you a snapshot view of all transactions under one invoice, including the status of the invoice after it’s been emailed so that you’re aware of when it’s been received and viewed.

  • Multi Monitor Support – Get work done significantly faster with windows open across multiple monitors.

  • Smart Search – Save time with faster searching. Begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest. Also you can now search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.

  • Data File Optimization – If you have a huge company file this is a must-have. Condense your company file without deleting list elements or summarizing transactions. Using Data File Optimization your file size will be reduced by a certain percentage.

  • Reporting – New automated reports allow you to customize your reports and schedule them to be generated and emailed automatically. New reports are also available such as Inactive Item reports and Employee Pay Adjustment History.

  • Transfer Credit – New functionality allows users to easily transfer credits between jobs of the same customer for those that have open credits.

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QuickBooks Enterprise

Enterprise users will find that this year’s release will help them receive inventory and fulfill their customer’s orders faster and with more accuracy.

  • New Inventory Management – In Enterprise Platinum picking, packing, and shipping products is much easier. A central dashboard lets you track and manage sales orders from start to finish right inside QuickBooks.

  • Improved Payroll Permissions – Enterprise lets you set individual user roles and permissions for more than 115 different activities, now including payroll. With clear permissions, you can prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive information.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  • New Sick and Vacation tracking – Stay on top of your employee sick and vacation accruals, balances, and shortfalls, making it easy to see a warning when an employee has potentially used too much time off. In addition, paystubs have been updated to show employees their time off status by indicating what’s been accrued, used and available.

QuickBooks Mac 2019

It’s finally here! If you use the Mac version of QuickBooks you’ve been working in the same version since 2016, so an upgrade is a must.

  • iCloud Document Sharing – If you need to share QuickBooks between Mac computers, you can use iCloud to sync. Modify your books on your work Mac computer then continue where you left off on your home Mac computer.

  • Email Tracking – track the dates emails were sent with a tab in the Vendor or Customer Centers.

  • Square Import – easily import sales data from Square via .csv files.

  • Updated User Security – User passwords are now required and personal information is encrypted.

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If you’d like to upgrade to 2019 click here to get the best price and explore the options.